Brands List

Brands List

Here are some of the most popular mobile phone brands globally, along with some of their most well-known phone lines:

High-End Mobile Price in Bangladesh:

  • Apple: iPhone (Pro, Max, Mini), iPad Pro, AirPods
  • Samsung: Galaxy S series (Ultra, Plus), Galaxy Z Flip/Fold, Galaxy Note (discontinued)
  • Google: Pixel 7/Pro, Pixel 6a
  • Huawei: Mate series (discontinued due to US sanctions)
  • OnePlus: OnePlus 11 Pro, OnePlus Nord series

Mid-Range Mobile Price in Bangladesh:

Budget-Friendly Mobile Price in Bangladesh:

This is just a selection, and there are many other popular brands out there depending on your region and preferences. You can find any released or upcoming mobile phone news, price and updates here.