Dark Matter Episode 4 is out and there’s so much happening in this episode that it took us a bit to figure this one out and come up with some theories. In the last episode, we saw Jason and Amanda enter the box when the episode ended. This one begins from there. So Jason kinda gets the mystery behind this box in this episode. The Jason that’s a school teacher that is. It also confuses us a bit but gives a theory that may or may not be true.

Dark Matter Episode 4 Ending Explained

After walking miles in the box which has a tunnel that has many doors. Jason and Amanda are stuck in this house in a storm. When Amanda tells Jason that this was the final thought in her mind before she opened the door out of the box he understands that the world outside the door is the world he wants it to be just before getting out of it.

Get it? Like if you’re in a box and want to get out thinking that you’re no longer married that’s exactly where you’ll end up. So in a way, you can get control over your possibilities. Meanwhile, Jason in the original world quits his school job and finds Leighton who’s a wasted nobody with family money. So Jason drugs him and takes him into the box. He does some kind of meditation with Leighton to help him control his thoughts for 5 seconds and takes Leighton to an ideal world to convince him and convince Leighton he does, to invest in the box and go back home to his family. Gifts Charlie a car and tells Daniella to start painting again.

There’s something else that happens in this episode. Jason and his wife talk in two different timelines of the multiverse about a child they lost. And a birthday tradition that Jason isn’t there for because he’s stuck in the box. I guess at a later stage. They might want to visit a world where the second child is alive too. When the episode ends, Leighton who is a successful businessman limps his way into the box and opens the door to a strange desert. Does he fear being abandoned? or maybe he fears ruining the world or an apocalypse with this box?

Now, the theory that we talked about. Could it be that Jason always had the box and entered it on the day he received the offer from Ryan? It does make sense, doesn’t it? He was jealous of Ryan winning the prize, he doesn’t pick up his wife’s phone. Maybe that offer from Ryan triggered something. Pretty sure that’s the last thought in his mind that day. Could it be? Maybe. Wait and watch.



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