Welcome to our disclaimer page, where you can discover important information about us, our processes, and how we price both legitimate and unauthorized mobile phones. Please be prepared for a deep and lengthy read on this page.

How We Update Prices

When it comes to legitimate phones, we get rates straight from the official websites. For unofficial pricing, we contact the leading unofficial phone retailers in Bangladesh. While we try for accuracy, some inaccuracies may occur, and we appreciate your understanding, acknowledging that errors are inherent in human nature. If you find any errors, we appreciate your comments; please use the form given on our contact us page.

Pricing Information

HollyBuff typically displays the official prices in Bangladesh when a product is officially available.

Unofficial prices on our website are approximated in Bangladeshi Taka using international pricing. Please keep in mind that these unofficial pricing may or may not correspond to retail prices in Bangladesh, and they may fluctuate across stores.

Additionally, prices and availability may fluctuate. While we make every effort to update information as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee that all gadgets on our site are still available at the prices indicated or that their status is correct.


We may not guarantee that specs are completely correct. Most specifications are acquired from official brand websites and other reliable sources, however mistakes may arise during human data entry or for other reasons. We occasionally get specifications from reliable smartphone information websites in order to give thorough facts for customer satisfaction.

Reviews and Ratings

Our evaluations are based on a thorough examination of a mobile device’s characteristics, not personal use. Our authors rate products based on specs, market trends, price, and customer input. These ratings and reviews are subjective, based on the author’s study, expertise, comprehension, opinion, and experience. For further inquiry, please feel free to contact us .