After an insanely entertaining first season, Doctor Climax on Netflix may make a comeback for a second season soon as the series drops a hint in the final episode. Doctor Climax is an entertaining series about a dermatologist who begins to write a column about sex-related problems and spreads awareness about family planning and sexual health. But everyone seems to wonder if there will be a second season for the show. Let us find out.

Will there be a Doctor Climax Season 2?

For now, Doctor Climax Season 2 has not been announced by Netflix or the producers but if we observe, the final episode has a hint about producers’ intentions to bring the show back. The final episode ends with a media event and in the media event, a banner says Doctor Climax Season 2 in the local language. The final episode ends with many unresolved issues in the series and it could be a way for the producers to hint that there is a second season coming to explain what happened in Nat’s life. At the end of the final episode, Nat’s identity as Doctor Climax is potentially revealed to the media but there is no clarity given about what happens to him next. His issues with Linda are unresolved too so a second season could give some idea about what is going on. Whether Netflix or the show’s producers make the second season or not is usually dependent on how well the first season does. If the show gets good viewership, it will surely be renewed for a second season with the loose ends of the story cleared up. Did we like the show? Let us find out.

Doctor Climax Season 2
Credit- Netflix

Is Doctor Climax on Netflix worth a watch?

Yes, Doctor Climax on Netflix is worth a watch because of its plotline which is entertaining and informative at the same time. The show gives a good idea about the time in the 1970s when there were no means of spreading sexual awareness and columns and newspapers were the only way to spread information. Talking about sex was a taboo subject but Nat’s journey in the show is a complicated one. It is good that the director hasn’t shown him as a completely positive person and one with flaws, making the show even more interesting. The show is made very well with some great acting and performances. It will surely be a good entertaining watch.





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