Family Aaj Kal came out on Sony Liv, and we happened to catch it right as it came out. The series is about a family that considers itself to be progressive, but a situation tests their idea of progressiveness. The makers of the series have tried to explore something so serious by looking at it from the comical eye. The series features Late actor Nitesh Pandey in one of his final performances. Is the series worth your time? Let us find out. Meanwhile, checkout the trailer here.

Family Aaj Kal Review

This series starts with a very simple idea of filming the entire show around a single family but when it comes to the execution, it gets very complicated to explore the same relationships and dynamics again and again and still keep the interest in this show going. But, the makers of the show have absolutely nailed the screenwriting of the show and kept the characters and storytelling going forward.

The performances of this show are top-notch and work for the show very well. The show is carried by the performances of Sonali Sachdev and Late Nitesh Pandey. They keep the show going with their reactions to the punches that are written very well. There are little moments in this series that are intertwined beautifully into the narrative. Apoorva Arora, Prakhar Singh, and Aakarshan Singh are very good in this show and are artists to watch out for in the future.

Family Aaj Kal Review

Aakarshan really impresses with his innocence and comic timing, Apoorva looks beautiful and is very resolute in some of the scenes of the series. She has a bright future ahead of her. The direction and camera work of this show really needs to be appreciated. From choosing the color palettes to the camera movements in the sequences where they are having their disagreements to the scenes where every character gets a chance to express what they are going through.

This series might become a template for a series that is made on a limited budget but backed by very strong writing and humor that keeps one entertained. We would really recommend this as a mid-week watch for you.

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