Ae Watan mere Watan, the latest prime video offering is flying on the back of Sara Ali Khan’s performance as Usha Mehta, but the film is also based on some personalities who carry the film on the back of their strong character roles. The film has a star cameo in Emran Hashmi who plays the role of prominent freedom Fighter Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia.

Some other prominent characteralso feature in the film including Fahad, Firdaus Engineer, and the person in focus in this article: Kaushik, played by actor Abhay Verma who has done a pretty good job that might get his talent noticed. But when it comes to Kaushik, was his character real? Did such a person exist? Well, here is what we have for you.

Kaushik in Ae Watan Mere Watan: Who was He in Real Life?

Kaushik is portrayed to be a friend of Usha with whom she is also romantically involved. In the literature that is available about Usha Mehta, such a person has not been mentioned at least as far as we have researched but when it comes to setting up the radio station which is the main plot of the film, Usha did have some accomplices.

Kaushik Ae Watan Mere Watan

The film is about the Congress Radio Station which was an underground radio station that was used by the freedom fighters to convey the messages of prominent freedom fighters to the general public. In real life, Usha Mehta, had help from a young brigade of freedom fighters. People like Chandrakant Jhaveri, Vithalbhai Jhaveri, and Babubhai Thakkar were important freedom fighters who helped Usha in setting the station up.

Kaushik and even Fahad are characters who are based on the lives of a few prominent people who helped in establishing the radio. However, as per our interpretation of the film and its treatment. Most stories always have an angle of a love interest for the main character. The love interest is usually a person whom the protagonist can be emotionally expressive with. In this case, the idea of a love interest becomes very important also for the fact that it establishes the commitment of Usha Mehta towards her Gandhian Principles.

Kaushik Ae Watan Mere Watan

Check out this New York Times article on Usha, It mentions that Usha Mehta never married or had a husband. The character of Kaushik accentuated the sacrifice she gave for the sake of her nation and the resolve the woman had to keep to the pledge of celibacy. Filmmakers are people who rely on such creative liberties extensively to enhance the growth of their protagonists’ character arc. Kaushik in this film is an essential character who seriously increases the odds against Usha.

Will she be ready to give up her relationship and future with Kaushik for the sake of the nation? She did and the scene in which she does so is an extremely important scene for the graph of the film. After that scene, she commits herself to the cause of the nation and that is where the idea of the station comes to her. The film might have opened to mixed reviews, but the use of love in this manner is certainly refreshing to see. Do you think so too?

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