The one-week wait will seem very long with Netflix K Drama Miss Night and Day Episode 2 ending at a cliffhanger. The show looked like a simple rom-com with an element of time travel for the longest time but the end of Episode 2 adds a mystery quotient to it. Keeping this article spoiler-free we want to reveal that the end of the episode has a car crash to end the episode as Lee Mi-jin is in danger. She has stumbled upon a secret and only Gye Ji-woong can save her but was he able to?

Miss Night and Day Episode 3 Preview

Miss Night and Day Episode 2 has put everyone in doubt about Lee Mi-jin’s survival. Will she survive a car crash? Well, we think she will because she is the protagonist for the show so it makes no sense to kill her this early. And if the makers wanted to kill the character off this early, they would have shown her dying and made it a big event. She looked at those papers of the missing people report so she certainly knows a lot more than she should but this is how her journey to significance begins. The entire thing about being 50 is a lot of insecurities playing large in her mind and this entire episode could be her attempt at making something significant of her life.  The violent sequence that preceded those events could be a precursor of what might be coming in the coming few episodes as gore violence could be an underlying theme in the series which started as a comedy. More violence, more comedy, and more inner reflection coming in the third episode of Miss Night and Day.

Miss Night and Day Episode 3 Preview
Credit – Netflix


When will Miss Night and Day Episode 3 be released?

Miss Night and Day Episode 3 will be released on Saturday, 22nd June at 22:30 Korean Standard Time. In the United States, the episode will stream at 9:30 AM, and in India, the episode will start streaming at 7 PM. Two Episodes of the show will be released every week on Saturday and Sunday till all 16 episodes of the show have been released.



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