K-Drama seems to be the month’s flavor for Netflix as Miss Night and Day continues the streak that Hierarchy has started. Miss Night and Day tells an unlikely story of a woman who lives two lives one in her 20s and the other in her 50s. But the story is actually about her self-reflection and how she wants to end up in her life. Netflix Korea has been creative with its storylines offering unique content that keeps viewers engaged throughout their quest to become the most reliable nation for formidable content on Netflix. Miss Night and Day drops two episodes every weekend and is expected to continue the run for 8 weekends as there are 16 episodes in the series. Miss Night and Day is also called She’s Different from Day to Night. Fans who have seen the first couple of episodes or the trailer are curious about the filming locations of the series. Let us explore where the series is shot.

Miss Night and Day filming locations

Miss Night and Day has speculatively been filmed in Seoul, South Korea. Although not much information is available about the filming locations of the series on its official channels, we were able to spot a few familiar locations in the trailer of the show which were all present in Seoul, South Korea. The series tells the story of a job seeker in the competitive environment of present-day South Korea and also looks at the place from a futuristic angle so some scenes might have been shot in a studio as well where some scenes might have been created. Seoul, ever since K-Drama has blown up has become full of film studios that are producing content like a factory. Seoul is currently a really hot filming location and is the preferred choice when filming happens in South Korea.

Miss Night and Day Filming Locations
Credit – Netflix

Miss Night and Day Release Schedule

Miss Night and Day releases on 15th June 2024 and its first two episodes will air on 15th and 16th of June. The rest of the episodes will air every week on Saturday and Sunday. This will go on for eight weekends as there are 16 episodes in the series. The episodes are going to be around 70 minutes long with every episode having a different episode length to suit the show’s narrative. The release schedule is similar to another recent series Atypical Family that recently ended and fans will not feel a void with Miss Night and Day releasing now.


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