Sol Kurc is one of the major characters from We Were the Lucky Ones which came out on Hulu. The character is the patriarch of a family who survived the Nazi Invasion of Poland but survived the Holocaust and finally reunited with his family. In the series, the role has been played by actor Lior Ashkenazi. The viewers of the show know that the story has been inspired by a real family and have since been curious about the truth behind the character Sol Kurc. We have found everything that we could and we are here to provide you with all the information about him.

Sol Kurc in Real Life

Sol Kurc is a fictional character who is based on the life of Szlama Kurc, a man who was a merchant and owner of a shop when the Nazis invaded the Polish borders. He had a wife and 5 kids as has been shown in the series and the family disintegrated during World War 2. His name can be found in the Holocaust survivors database here.

Sol Kurc Real Life

We Were the Lucky Ones has been adapted from a novel by the same name. The novel was written by his great-granddaughter Georgia Hunter. His son, Eddy Courts, turned out to be a composer after he escaped from the Nazi Invasion and escaped to Brazil, after which he went to the United States and stayed there permanently. Georgia found out about the entire incident after Eddy passed away and decided to write a novel about it, which she did.

Georgia took a decade to write the book, but it was all worth the wait as it became the New York Times Bestseller and is now a series on Hulu. His character will continue to be explored further in detail in the coming episodes. The series has been described as the Game of Thrones of the Holocaust era, and perhaps the comparison becomes true in the sense of the characters finding their way back home.

The show is nowhere near as violent and is a beautiful description of relationships, seemingly from the first three episodes at least. The anticipation of the series has been high ever since Ben Affleck and Matt Damon came on board to be the Executive Producers for this series. People have been waiting for the show and probably a final verdict on the series will come once all the episodes are released.

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