Doctor Climax is a fun comedy on Netflix with sex education being its base. The final episode is about abortion and its complexities and you will also get to see how the identity of the doctor gets revealed (well almost). The heroes win, the winners lose, and there are characters who are separated to tease a second season. Lets dive straight into the end of Doctor Climax.

Doctor Climax Ending Explained

Linda confronts her mom about hurting people through her actions and cries about it to her. She has an emotional monologue which was much needed for her character because you felt beyond a point it was overtly logical and did not feel as emotional as she should have. In her confrontation with her mother she admits to wants to be weak and regrets not showing her weakness. She cries for the first time in an amazing scene that really feels like she is completely exhausted and cannot fight anymore. Nat is obviously unhappy and doesn’t have the will to talk to himself about his unhappiness. His natural reaction to adversity is silence. Tong, a lawyer gives Tukta the advice to not grant Nat a divorce because the laws of the nation are against women and he can prove infidelity. At the same time, Thong Tien gets arrested in a swingers club and is widely speculated to be Doctor Climax. Thong Tien packs up his bags as he has been suspended by his boss. Tien ends up being the sacrificial lamb for the entire Doctor Climax fiasco at Bangkok express. Tien is upset at Nat for being wronged.

Nat schemes with Choosak to exposes Captain Pao on his latest front page through a sting operation in front of a press meeting that Captain Pao had called. With tables turned, the entire narrative turns against Captain Pao and Doctor Pornchai who get Arrested. Linda comes to see Nat and they don’t speak and hug it out. Linda kisses Nat and tells him that she is pregnant. The news shocks Nat who asks about her contraceptive. Linda asks him not to worry as she will be getting an abortion.

Nat is finally exposed to the media where he is presented as Doctor Climax. He begins to have his usual hallucination where he sees Doctor Climax delivering a monologue about abortion and owning up to love. This represents his state of mind which is being expressed through the doctor. The final line of the season is ‘Burn in Hell’. This again is a representation of his mind where he feels like the idea of Doctor Climax has spoilt everything for him personally and professionally. His wife, Linda and now everyone else will be against him.




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