Apple TV+’s new documentary Hollywood Con Queen tells the unbelievable story of the scam that shook the film industry. An impostor pretending to be some big name from the industry extracted money from budding filmmakers and producers, promising to give them work. As the documentary showcases, the Hollywood Con Queen is actually an Indonesian man named Hargobind Punjabi Tahilramani. So where is the Hollywood Con Queen now? Read on to find out.

What Happened to Hollywood Con Queen?

After years of manipulating people and extracting millions of dollars from them, the Hollywood Con Queen, aka Hargobind Punjabi Tahilramani, was arrested in Manchester, UK, in December 2020. He was taken into custody from a hotel. During interrogation, he claimed to be a Netflix writer, but his real identity was eventually revealed to the police.

The arrest came after multiple gig workers became a target of the con queen. Tahilramani used to impersonate people’s voices, mostly those of female industry executives, and offered the gig workers jobs if they traveled to Indonesia at their own expense. Once they reached the country, the con man used to dupe them by making them pay for nonexistent work.

Where is Hollywood Con Queen Now

Matters went further out of hand when Tahilramani also offered sexual favors to his victims and tried to convince them to send him their NSFW pictures and videos. Some executives whom Tahilramani impersonated include Christopher Nolan, Wendi Deng Murdoch, Amy Pascal, Megan Ellison, and Kathleen Kennedy. 

Several victims fell prey to a scam by Anish Tahilramani, including screenwriter Greg Mandarano, who was conned out of $80,000 as Tahilramani masqueraded as producer Jean Pritzker. On the other hand, Freelancer Will Strathman was convinced to direct a Netflix series in Indonesia, losing nearly £40,000. LA-based actor Dan Considine was also duped as the con queen texted him pretending to be a supposed associate of director Nolan.

Where is Hollywood Con Queen Now?

Hargobind Punjabi Tahilramani is still in prison in the UK, while the authorities are trying to extradite him to the US. He was put on trial in 2023 and was charged with two counts of wire fraud, five counts of aggravated identity theft, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. In his defense, Tahilramani said that he lived a false life because of being gay. He also accused American prosecutors of conspiring against him and added that as a large part of the scam took place in the UK, he should not be extradited to the US. As of now, he is locked up in UK jail.

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