So we caught up on Bastar: The Naxal Story on Zee 5 and the controversial movie seemed to have some characters who were inspired by some real-life characters. While the disclaimer at the beginning of the movie says that the film is a work of fiction, we all know that movie characters are often close to a person in reality. One such character we saw in the film was an author called Vanya Roy. Now, without getting into the politics of it, we explore the real-life character that seems to have inspired the character played by Raima Sen.

Author Vanya Roy Real Story from Bastar: The Naxal Story

The character of Vanya Roy seems to be inspired by the author Arundhati Roy, who is an acclaimed author and a Booker Prize winner.

The movie describes Vanya Roy as someone who has supported the Kashmiri separatist movement and the Naxalite movement. Arundhati has often been a vocal supporter of the Naxalite movement and has been charged for sedition for speaking in favor of the Azad Kashmir movement in 2010.

She has often been in the firing line for her anti-government statements which have been interpreted as anti-national by some supporters of the government.

Check this article for instance. The article is critical of her statements on Naxals. In another article, she once described Naxalites as Gandhians.

Being the Rebel that she is, she published a non-fiction titled ‘My Seditious Heart’ where she published her views against the government. Checkout the book here

Author Vanya Roy Real Story

Arundhati Roy’s views on Naxalites

In her 2010 article, she called Naxalites patriots. She has been critical of the government for being hand in glove with corporates who have tried to take the tribal lands.

In her book, Walking With Comrades, she criticized the administration saying “In Dantewada the police wear plain clothes and the rebels wear uniforms. The jail superintendent is in jail. The prisoners are free (three hundred escaped from the old town jail two years ago). Women who have been raped are in police custody. The rapists give speeches in the bazaar.”

The book further explores the genesis of the conflict. The book primarily centered around corporate greed and Naxal resistance to the said greed.

While the character of Vanya Roy may have differences to Arundhati, the character looks like an opinion of the filmmaker on Arundhati Roy and people who have supported the Naxalite movement.

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