Gullak Season 4 is fulfilling and beautiful with our favorite Mishra family taking us on a wonderful ride into a middle-class family that most families in India can relate to. The show has been a staple diet every two years for Indian families to sit together and enjoy. This season too was nothing different but the end of the season might break a few hearts as it had a hint about the future of the show. Let us see if the season is returning for another season.

Gullak Season 5 Update

There is no update so far about Gullak Season 5 from the producers of the series or Sony Liv so far and the final frame of the series could have bad news for fans of the series. In the first three seasons, the final frame of the series was a Gullak (piggy bank) kept intact on the series. But the final frame of Gullak Season 4 is a broken Gullak which could mean that the stories that the makers wanted to tell are now over and the series won’t be renewed for another season. We see the narrator of the series draw out the metaphor of the show being a piggy bank of stories but now that the piggy bank is broken, it could mean that all the stories are now told and they will end the series here. But the fans should only see this as our interpretation and no confirmation. The series is exceedingly popular and Sony Liv as a platform could at any time whatsoever bring this series back once especially if it draws many viewers.

Gullak Season 5
Credit – Sony Liv

Gullak Season 4 Ending Explained

At the end of the 5th episode, Gullak ends with the Mishra family finally reconciling after Jameel Khan’s character Santosh Mishra slapped Harsh Mayar‘s Aman Mishra. Anand Mishra played by Vaibhav Raj Gupta stops Aman who is leaving the city and helps the family get back together. Santosh gets emotional thinking about possibly buying and shifting to a new house but Aman hugs him and stops him from taking that steps. Both apologize and things are back to normal for the family. Anand gives his parents a ticket to Goa as they plan their trip to end the season. As we mentioned earlier, the end was different as there was a frame with a broken piggy bank hinting at the possible completion of the series altogether.

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