Fernando Guallar has amazed everyone with his performance in Netflix’s Love, Divided, showcasing his talent and charm. The actor plays a musician named David in the romantic comedy, who gets at loggerheads with his neighbor until sparks fly between them. But do you know that Guallar is already a well-established actor who has consistently proved his versatility and acting chops in different projects? Well, if you didn’t, here are 4 films starring Fernando Guallar that you can watch.

1. The Tenderness (2023)

Guallar’s most recent movie before Love, Divided was a Spanish-Dominican fantasy romantic comedy film titled The Tenderness, aka La ternura. The film is a tale of gender roles reversed, in which Esmeralda, a misandric witch-queen, flees with her daughters to a desert island to escape men’s influence. However, they find themselves amidst a misogynistic logger and his two sons. To survive, the women disguise themselves as men, challenging societal norms. Guallar plays Verdemar, the son of the logger in the film directed by Vicente Villanueva.

2. The Key Game (2022)

Fernando Guallar films

Before The Tenderness, Guallar collaborated with director Vicente Villanueva for another Spanish film, The Key Game, aka El juego de las llaves. The movie revolves around Laura, a lifelong partner to Antonio, who questions her life decisions when Sergio and his millennial girlfriend, Siena, enter their lives. Siena proposes a game of keys, where partners randomly swap for a night. Laura, along with friends Raquel and Cris, convinces their husbands to play. As the key game begins, it leads to some new revelations, changing the dynamics between the group. Guallar portrays the character of Sergio, while the rest of the cast members are Eva Ugarte as Laura, Justina Bustos as Siena, Ricard Farré as Antonio Muñoz, Miren Ibarguren Agudo as Raquel, and María Castro as Cris.

3. In Family I Trust (2019)

Guallar made his feature film debut with the 2019 Spanish romantic comedy In Family I Trust (original title Gente que viene y bah). The film showcases the journey of Bea, a promising architect who gets betrayed by her boyfriend as he cheats on her with a TV reporter. To make things worse, Bea is also fired from her job with meager compensation. Struggling with life, she decides to return to her hometown and is greeted by her unusual family in the picturesque land. Apart from Guallar, the film stars Clara Lago as Bea, along with Alexandra Jiménez, Carmen Maura, Álex García, Paula Malia, Carlos Cuevas, and León Martínez.

4. My Heart Goes Boom! (2020)

Fernando Guallar films

Based on the songs of Italian artist Raffaella Carrà, My Heart Goes Boom! or Explota, explota is a jukebox musical comedy film that follows María who separates from her husband and moves to Madrid. There, she gets an opportunity to join a dance troupe and falls for a handsome guy named Pablo, played by Guallar. The film features Ingrid García-Jonsson as María, and Verónica Echegui as her friend Amparo. The film, directed by Nacho Álvarez, received several accolades when it was released in 2020.

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