Melisa Aslı Pamuk has continuously impressed everyone with her amazing performances in Turkish films and dramas. The actress stars as Sezen in Netflix’s In Good Hands 2 and has once again given proof of her fantastic acting abilities. If you liked her in the film, which we are sure you did, here are 4 more films of Melisa Aslı Pamuk that you can check out.

1. Kilit (2021)

Kilit, aka, Stories of Dark Town: The Lock, tells the story of 10 prisoners who mysteriously die of heart attack in the same jail. Investigators Erol and Selin are then tasked to look into the case, who find out that reality is far different from what is being presented. Aslı Pamuk plays the lead role of Selin in the thriller film along with Mert Firat as Erol.

2. G.D.O. BlackCat (2013)

Melisa Aslı Yazıcı Films

G.D.O. BlackCat is a Turkish action comedy film that follows three brothers: Gürkan, Duran, Orhan, with completely different personalities and points of view. The trio gets lost in a big city and starts to live in Balat district where they investigate mysterious and strange happenings. Melisa Aslı Pamuk stars in the film as the leading lady, Elmas.

3. Kadinlara Mahsus (2023)

Kadinlara Mahsus is a romantic drama film that follows eight women who join the ‘For Women’ camp, and change their lives for good with each other’s support. Aslı Pamuk stars as one of the women, Ipek Arsal, and is joined by Ceyda Düvenci as Demet Gören, Asli Tandogan as Melek Ünal, Müjde Uzman as Sebnem Aksel, Elifcan Ongurlar as Aynur Turanli, and Merve Çagiran as Oya Öztürk. The movie is directed by Serdar Akar.

4. Cem Karaca (2024)

Melisa Aslı Yazıcı Films

Before In Good Hands 2, Aslı Pamuk was seen in the biographical drama Cem Karaca’nın Gözyaşları which followed the life of legendary rock musician Muhtar Cem Karaca. The musician had a four-decade-long career and launched numerous albums. Aslı Pamuk starred as Karaca’s ex-wife, Feride Balkan, while Ismail Hacioglu played the musician.

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