Testament: The Story of Moses is a show that chronicles the Biblical story of Moses and does so in the form of a blend of fiction and documentary storytelling. The story has a narrative and the journey of Moses turns out to be a personal one where he goes through the cycle of redeeming himself as a character in the story.

At the same time, you had experts coming in and commenting about the life and significance of the story of Moses. This is a narrative that we have grown to fall in love with and if you saw this for the first time, we are here to recommend a few more series that are similar to Testament: The Story of Moses.

Shows Similar to Testament: The Story of Moses

Rise of the Empires: Ottoman

Shows Similar to Testament: The Story of Moses

The series directed by Emre Sahin is about the rise of Mehmed and how he captured the capital city of Constantinople, which at that time was the most important city in the world. The series continues on to the second season when Mehmed goes up against his rival Vlad. The timeline of the series is set in the 15th Century AD and it is shot in the most magnificent manner ever and the grandeur of the show can compete with any show around the globe. This is one of the pioneer shows of the kind of storytelling that has been used in this show and continues to serve as a template for many good shows to follow

Queen Cleopatra

Shows Similar to Testament: The Story of Moses

Okay, Hold your horses before you come flying at us and blame us for recommending a show that faced the fate of a 1.2/10 score at IMDB. The biggest reason for canceling this show online was the inaccuracy of facts and we here are only going to comment on the filmmaking aspects of this series. The series had quite the narrative and a great sense of storytelling. What we also loved about it was the cinematography and we are absolutely crazy about good cinematography. So yeah, it was easy to please us.

Alexander: The Making of a God

Shows Similar to Testament: The Story of Moses

Much like, Queen Cleopatra, there was quite an uproar about this series particularly about the representation decisions that Netflix chose to go ahead with in this series. The show however was a marvelous look at history albeit controversial when it comes to the facts of history. The series however had us sucked into its universe because of the character arcs. The journey of Alexander really made us root for him despite his decisions being morally wrong. That’s when we know that a series has succeeded. We do fear though that Testament: The Story of Moses might face the same fate.

Roman Empire

The series came out in 2016 and is the oldest example of how to make period cinema and layer it with facts. This was at its time an experimental way of direction but it turned out to pave the way for many such series to follow. The series does not hold back on its criticism of the empire either and does not paint a rosy picture where it should not be painted.

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