Netflix’s Midsummer Night is a heart-touching family drama that tells the story of a family who gathers for a traditional Swedish midsummer, but things turn upside down when some hidden secrets are revealed. Amalia Holm gives a stellar performance in the series as Hanne, impressing everyone. And thankfully, there are several shows that the actress has been a part of before Midsummer Night. So here is a list of 5 shows featuring Amalia Holm that you can watch.

1. Motherland: Fort Salem (2020-2022)

Amalia Holm Shows

Holm is famous for playing Scylla, a cadet in the Freeform supernatural drama Motherland: Fort Salem. The show follows Raelle, Abigail, and Tally, witches conscripted into the U.S. Army. They train in combat magic, using vocal cords for powerful spells. Set in a world where witches are accepted, it focuses on a conflict with the Spree, a witch resistance group opposing conscription. Scylla happens to be the love interest of Raelle, played by Taylor Hickson.

2. Delete Me (2021-2023)

Delete Me is a terrifying show that immerses viewers in the turbulent world of two girls: Marion and Marit as they navigate the pressures of Norwegian graduation tradition, ‘Russetiden.’ In a society obsessed with appearances and status, they learn that even the smallest act of jealousy can have profound consequences when amplified online. Through their journey, Marion and Marit confront the harsh realities of growing up in a digital age. Holm plays the role of Marion in the series.

3. Playground (2017)

Amalia Holm Shows

Holm has also starred in a French TV series titled Playground. The show follows a lonely teenage girl named Amy, played by Holm, who enrolls in a school for assassins. There, she undergoes rigorous training, honing her skills to uncover the truth behind their deaths. Amidst secrecy and danger, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and revenge. Apart from the actress, the series also stars Simon Abkarian, Melina Matthews, Dakota Trancher Williams, Duncan Pow, Callum May, Ann Skelly, and Jay Duffy.

4. Vårdgården (2016)

Amalia Holm Shows

Vårdgården is a Swedish comedy series that revolves around a family that owns a private hospital named Regina Home. As most of the staff at the hospital turns out to be narrow-minded, the family struggles to make a profit out of the venture, leading to hilarious situations. Holm features in the show in the lead role of Bea Leijon. She is joined by Bahar Pars, Fredrik Hallgren, Jonas Malmsjö, Loa Falkman, Aminah Al Fakir, Thérèse Andersson Lewis, and Tomas Åhnstrand.

5. Heroes of the Baltic Sea (2016)

Holm has also been a part of the 2016 Finnish series, Heroes of the Baltic Sea, playing Ingrid Oxe. The show is set around the real story of the sailing ship Hanneke Wrome which drowned in 1468 with a load of gold and 200 people on board including Axel Tott, son of Raseborg’s mayor, whose fate remained unknown. In 2016, four young people are tasked to investigate his disappearance and find the whereabouts of the lost treasure.

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