While Ludger Bökelmann has been around for quite a while now, the actor finally seems to have gotten his due with Disney+’s Pauline. The 23-year-old played Lukas, the son of the devil, in the show and has impressed everyone with his handsome looks and great acting. If you liked Ludger Bökelmann in Pauline, and are looking forward to watching more of his work, you have come to the right place. Here we are recommending 5 shows and films featuring Ludger Bökelmann that you should watch.

1. Dark (2017-2020)

Ludger Bökelmann Shows

If you have watched the acclaimed Netflix series Dark, Bökelmann might seem familiar to you. The actor played the role of young Ulrich Nielsen, in the 1986 storyline of the sci-fi thriller series that follows four families in the fictional town of Winden, Germany, and how their generations get entangled due to time travel. While Bökelmann appeared in only six episodes of the show, he made his presence felt among a large ensemble.

2. Die Discounter (2021-2023)

Ludger Bökelmann Shows

Bökelmann is also a part of the main cast members in the German mockumentary series Die Discounter. The show follows the fictional discounter Feinkost Kolinski, a small supermarket in Hamburg-Altona, Germany. It explores the everyday work at the supermarket, with branch manager Thorsten, the deputy branch manager Pina, the employees Titus, Peter, Flora, Lia, Samy, Wilhelm, and Ms. Jensen. Bökelmann plays Peter, who appears to be confident but has a vulnerable side.

3. Measures of Men (2023)

Measures of Men is a historical film that tells the story of a young Berlin ethnologist who witnesses the genocide of the Herero and Nama in the German colony of South West Africa at the beginning of the 20th century. In doing so, he also crosses his own moral boundaries. Bökelmann played a character named Fähnrich Hartung in the movie.

4. Forces (2022)

Ludger Bökelmann Films

Bökelmann also starred in the 2022 drama film Forces, aka Gewalten. The film follows a lonely boy who enters a dying village and becomes friends with a man who makes a living by organizing dog fights. Bökelmann has a small but important role in the film as the friend of Lukas.

5. Blackout (2021)

Blackout is a German miniseries based on Austrian author Marc Elsberg’s novel that showcases the impact of a Europe-wide power outage. The show follows a group of activists who could be responsible for the incident. As the story alternates between 2001 and 2021, Bökelmann is seen in the role of Chrissy Küster, an activist at the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001.

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