Simone Baldasseroni aka Biondo has impressed everyone with his stellar performance in Netflix’s The Tearsmith. With his sharp looks and amazing acting chops, the singer-turned-actor has established his place in the hearts of the audiences. But do you know that Biondo has been a part of the industry for a while now and has appeared in several projects before The Tearsmith? So here are 5 Simone “Biondo” Baldasseroni films and shows that you can watch if you just can’t get enough of the actor.

1. 50 km per hour (2024)

Simone Biondo Baldasseroni Films and Shows

Before The Tearsmith, Simone Baldasseroni started the year 2024 with an Italian film titled 50 km per hour aka Cinquanta km all’ora. The film follows two estranged brothers, Rocco and Guido, who go on a road trip on two mopeds that can not go faster than 50 km/hr. As they reunite for the trip across Italy, they get to connect with each other while having several adventures along the way. In the film, Baldasseroni plays the role of Luca, Guido’s son, whom he had never seen, but reunited with during the trip.

2. Three Perfect Daughters (2020)

Simone Biondo Baldasseroni Films and Shows

Three Perfect Daughters (Italian title: È per il tuo bene) is a comedy film that revolves around three brothers-in-law who are unhappy with the boys their daughters have chosen for themselves. Simone plays a fictionalized version of himself in the film with the same name, aka Biondo. Biondo is a rapper who is dating Marta, the daughter of one of the brothers, Antonio. But the problem is that the rapper’s songs are considered vulgar by Antonio. The three brothers then go to great lengths to break the relationships of their daughters. The film is a fun watch with the perfect blend of comedy, drama, and familial values.

3. Crazy for Football (2021)

Baldasseroni has also acted in a TV movie titled Crazy for Football aka Matti per il calcio. The film follows a diverse group of psychiatric patients from Italy who aspire to compete in the 5-a-side football World Cup. Psychiatrist Saverio Lulli, his daughter Alba, and coach Vittorio Zaccardi, a widower with gambling issues, lead the team. Each member aims to secure a spot among the final 12 players for training camp and the championship. Baldasseroni portrays a character named Tommaso in the movie.

4. Vivere Non E Un Gioco Da Ragazzi (2023)

Apart from films, Baldasseroni has also acted in a couple of TV shows. He appeared in four episodes of Vivere Non E Un Gioco Da Ragazzi, an Italian drama series directed by Rolando Ravello. The show traces the journey of Lele, an 18-year-old from humble origins, who attends school among Bologna’s elite, where he falls for Serena, the school queen. To impress her, he takes drugs and gets involved in selling them. When his friend Mirco dies from a pill Lele sold, guilt consumes him, straining his relationships.

5. Che Dio ci aiuti (2011-Present)

Biondo has also had a guest role in the sixth season of Che Dio ci aiuti aka God Help Us. Set in a convent in Rome, the show follows the life of Sister Angela, played by Elena Sofia Ricci, and her interactions with the other nuns and the people of the neighborhood. The series has garnered a dedicated fan base since its premiere in 2011. Baldasseroni starred in the sixth episode of season 6, titled Déjà vu.

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