Netflix’s Rest in Peace has put Argentine cinema on the global platform. The mystery thriller films follow the heart-wrenching journey of a debt-stricken father named Sergio, whose only way out is to leave his family and live with a new identity to escape his situation. Featuring compelling performances by Joaquín Furriel, Griselda Siciliani, and Gabriel Goity, the film is an emotional rollercoaster that is bound to touch the hearts of many. If you are also impacted by the film and are looking for more such content to watch, here are 6 films like Rest in Peace that you can check out.

6. Up in the Air (2009)

While Rest in Peace is an edgy thriller, Up in the Air is a comic take on a man’s journey to find himself and learn the importance of family. The George Clooney starrer follows Ryan Bingham, who relishes his job of firing people until his boss introduces him to Natalie, who aims to revolutionize terminations with remote conferencing. To prove the flaws in her approach, Ryan takes her on a trip. As Natalie learns the harsh truths, Ryan questions the emptiness of his nomadic lifestyle.

5. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

You probably heard about this one already. Though the film has a different story and treatment than Rest in Peace, the themes of familial bonds, financial struggles, and fatherhood are central to both films. Directed by Gabriele Muccino, The Pursuit of Happyness stars Will Smith as Chris Gardner, who loses his life’s savings into a product he invested in, and takes up an internship in a brokerage firm while taking care of his son after his wife leaves him.

4. The Family Man (2000)

Like Rest in Peace, The Family Man has a theme where a man’s life changes completely one night, and his family has a big role to play in it. Directed by Brett Ratner, the fantasy drama traces the journey of Wall Street mogul Jack Campbell, who receives a message from his former flame on Christmas Eve and encounters a gun-wielding thug. Christmas morning, he wakes up in an alternate reality married to his old girlfriend with a family and a different career. Reflecting on this glimpse, Jack contemplates his true desires.

3. A Better Life (2011)

films like Rest in Peace

Starring Demián Bichir and José Julián, A Better Life revolves around Carlos Galindo, a hardworking single father in California, who fears for his son Luis’s future amidst gang influences. When his newly acquired work truck is stolen, the father and son form a bond while reclaiming it. However, Carlos’s undocumented status puts his American future in jeopardy when the police get involved. Similar themes of a father working hard for his children are explored in Rest in Peace.

2. In America (2002)

films like Rest in Peace

In America revolves around an Irish family that illegally immigrates to New York, aspiring for the father’s acting career. Settling in a flop house, they strive to make it their home. Amidst challenges, they befriend a reclusive neighbor, Mateo, whose unexpected assistance aids their adaptation to life in America, fostering unexpected bonds in their new country. Similar to Rest in Peace, In America showcases the struggles of parents and their relationship with their children.

1. The Weather Man (2005)

films like Rest in Peace

The Weather Man is a dark-comedy thriller starring Nicolas Cage as David Spritz, a successful local weatherman in Chicago, who faces personal turmoil with his dysfunctional family. Despite public admiration, Dave feels unfulfilled. A career opportunity in New York City forces him to weigh professional ambition against familial responsibilities, prompting a soul-searching journey to find true fulfillment in his life. Similar to Rest in Peace, The Weather Man focuses on the themes of family and responsibility.

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