Addy Kurc is one of the central characters in the series We were the Lucky Ones which dropped on Hulu Today. The first three episodes of the series premiered today and it tells the story of a Polish Family during the invasion of Poland during the World War II era. The plot of the story is the separation of a family and how they find their way back together. The viewers have been curious ever since the series came out about this family. Here is a bit about Addy Kurc and how his life was.

Addy Kurc Real Life Story

Addy Kurc in the series We Were the Lucky Ones is the fictionalized version of the person Eddy Adolphe Abraham Israel Courts better known as Eddy Courts. He was a music composer and an electrical engineer. Born on 26th August 1913, he started his journey as an amateur composer in 1935, but after the World War started, he drifted away from his family.

He then migrated to Brazil and from there he went on to go to the United States where he settled permanently. His work as a composer includes him being the author of the Song List which was popularized by Wiera Gran. Check out this beautiful piece by him on YouTube played by modern musicians.

Addy Kurc Real Story

It will be interesting to know that the reason the series or the book for that matter came into existence was because of Eddy Courts’ granddaughter who is the author of the book We Were the Lucky Ones. His granddaughter Georgia Hunter came to know about the story of him traveling across continents to finally reunite with his family after their separation during World War 2. That is what inspired the book.

Georgia has spoken about this in many interviews and told the story of her grandfather’s reunion with his family through a book that took her a decade to write. The book came out in 2017 and ended up becoming a bestseller, after which it is now a series that has Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as its Executive Producers.

Addy Kurc, the character has been played by Logan Lerman in the series and his performance in our humble opinion has done complete justice to the person. In one of the interviews, given by Georgia, she described Eddy as a man who was quirky instead of being flamboyant. She also mentioned that he insisted on speaking French.

In her research about Eddy Courts, and the story of the separation and reunion, she also spoke to Eliska, his fiancée at that time, and the woman he crossed the borders with. The trailer of the show came out last month and generated quite a buzz. The show highlights the life of Eddy Courts and also tells the story from the point of view of him and his siblings. Did you enjoy the first three episodes?


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