Abigail is surely one of the most anticipated films of the year. Not only it is a gripping story in the vampire genre, but also one of the last projects of late actor Angus Cloud. The movie revolves around a group of kidnappers who capture a girl in a mansion, only to find out that she is a vampire who starts hunting them down. As most of the action takes place in a beautiful but gloomy mansion, audiences might be wondering where the shoot of Abigail happened. If you are also thinking about the same, here are the filming locations of Abigail.

Where was Abigail Filmed?

Abigail was entirely filmed in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. The scenes involving the mansion were shot at the Glenmaroon House, situated at Castleknock in County Dublin. The magnificent detached Tudor-style Edwardian mansion is one of two interconnected houses nestled against the scenic backdrop of Nockmaroon Hill.

Abigail Filming Locations

Originally constructed in 1905 by Arthur Ernest Guinness, the building underwent expansion in 1911, when it was connected with the original Knockmaroon Lodge located on the south side of Knockmaroon Hill. Linked by a covered footbridge, which has since been modernized, both houses were collectively known as Glenmaroon, or Glenmaroon House.

Over time, Glenmaroon House and its counterpart were repurposed as part of the Holy Angels Convent School and associated with the adjoining St. Louise’s Care Centre. The house now remains mostly vacant and served as an ideal choice for filming Abigail. The production designer and art designers of the film worked hard to transform the scenic horse into a gory vampire mansion.

Abigail Filming Locations

The secluded location of the building on the edge of Phoenix Park and its proximity to Nockmaroon Hill created a sense of isolation and vulnerability for the characters of the film, which further enhances the feeling of being trapped in a sinister environment. Moreover, the abandoned corridors and rooms of the house further heighten the tension and fear for both characters and viewers alike. The interconnected nature of the house, with its hidden passageways and secret rooms, offers opportunities for unexpected twists and turns, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

Apart from Abigail, Dublin has also hosted the production of several other films and shows including The Tudors, Normal People, Transformers: The Last Knight, In the Name of the Father, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, The Quiet Girl, Leap Year, Sing Street, The Rules of Attraction, Becoming Jane, Northanger Abbey, The Devil’s Own, Circle of Friends, The Sleep Experiment, On the Edge.

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