Atlas is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year due to its gripping storyline, intense action, and of course, Jennifer Lopez. The Netflix film follows Atlas Shepherd, a data scientist working with the government who despises AI, but when she is sent on a mission to a faraway world to tame an out-of-control robot, Atlas realizes she has to face her biggest fear. As the film features otherworldly sequences with VFX-heavy visuals, audiences are wondering where was the movie shot. So let’s have a look at all the filming locations of Atlas.

Los Angeles, California

Like most films with VFX, Atlas was also majorly filmed in Los Angeles, California. The filming took place between August and November 2022. The production team utilized the Quixote Studios at 12137 Montague Street, Pacoima in LA. The studio has 24 stages in six locations in the city. Atlas was shot on stages 11 to 20 at the main campus.

Atlas Filming Locations

The film needed a controlled setting for complex sequences and visual effects. Quixote Studios’ sound stages offered the space, advanced lighting, soundproofing, and rigging needed. The studio also provides full production support, allowing detailed set construction and design, crucial for filming intricate scenes.

Cupertino, California

A few sequences of Atlas were filmed in the city of Cupertino in the Silicon Valley of California. The city is ideal for filming because it offers a great mix of urban and natural settings. Cupertino’s beautiful parks, modern architecture, and scenic views of the Santa Cruz Mountains provide diverse backdrops for various scenes.

Atlas Filming Locations

Additionally, Cupertino’s proximity to major tech companies and facilities means filmmakers have access to advanced technology and equipment. The city is also part of the San Francisco Bay Area, which has a rich pool of local talent and resources for film production, making it a convenient and versatile location for filmmakers.

New Zealand

Some scenes of the film were shot in New Zealand. Different establishing shots in the film were shot in the country, featuring its natural beauty and urban skyscrapers. Similarly, the production crew also traveled to Shanghai to shoot a few passing shots.

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