Bionic is a Brazilian sci-fi film on Netflix set in the dystopian future where bionic prosthetics have taken over society. Meanwhile, two sisters use the prosthetics in a dangerous competition against each other. The film is set in the year 2035 and showcases high-tech visuals with futuristic buildings and neighborhoods, making one wonder where was the movie filmed. Here are all the filming locations of Bionic.

Where was Bionic Filmed?

Bionic was entirely filmed in the city of São Paulo, located in the state of the same name in Brazil. The city is a great place to film futuristic movies because of its modern and busy cityscape. São Paulo’s skyline, filled with tall skyscrapers and cool buildings, looks like it belongs in the future. This mix of tall buildings and wide streets can easily be turned into scenes of advanced, high-tech cities.

Bionic Filming Locations

The city is huge and diverse, with different areas like modern business districts, large neighborhoods, and new urban developments. This variety lets filmmakers show many different future worlds, from perfect societies to darker, more challenging ones. São Paulo’s busy transport systems and crowded areas help show what future city life might be like.

São Paulo is also known for its progress in technology and culture. The city is a center for new ideas, with many tech startups, research centers, and art groups that focus on the future. This creative environment not only gives filmmakers ideas but also access to local experts who know how to use the latest filming tools and techniques.

Also, São Paulo is known for its diversity as it houses the Arab, Italian, and Japanese diasporas. With natives from over 200 countries, the city makes it easy to hire people with different ethnicities in the film, which helps in producing diverse projects. The city has hosted the filming of several films and shows, and not just Bionic. These include Sense8, Burning Betrayal, Solace, Criminal Code, The Emerald Forest, Invisible City, The Second Mother, Beyond the Universe, The Mechanism, and Good Manners.

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