Crooks is here on Netflix and is impressing the audience with its action-packed narrative and gripping storyline. Audiences can’t get enough of the story of Charly as he grapples with his dark past that puts him and his family in danger and also leads to a gang war. Fans who have binged on the show must be thinking now if and when Crooks will return with season 2. Continue reading to find out.

Will Crooks Return with Season 2 on Netflix?

At the time of writing, Netlifx has not confirmed whether Crooks will be back with season 2. However, that does not mean that there is no possibility of the show returning. Netflix takes a number of factors into consideration before deciding on the renewal of a series, such as the viewership ratings, number of hours watched, and budget of production. The streaming platform will be analyzing the performance of Crooks in the next few weeks, and if it goes well, they might announce its renewal for season 2 then.

Fortunately, Netflix has not labeled Crooks as a limited series, which means there is always scope for another season. From the story’s point of view as well, the ending of season 1 sets up a plot for another season, which is another positive sign for the renewal of the series. However, the final decision lies with Netflix, and keeping in mind how the platform goes on canceling some acclaimed shows as well, the fate of Crooks remains uncertain for now.

crooks season 2

When will Crooks Season 2 Release?

If the show does get green-lit for another season in the upcoming few weeks, it will take at least a year to year and a half to be produced. Considering the timelines of pre-production, filming, and post-production, we can expect Crooks season 2 to premiere by the end of 2025. But again, we have to wait for the official confirmation from Netflix.

What will be Crooks Season 2 be About?

We expect Crooks season 2 to feature another deadly mission for Charly, the seeds for the same have already been sown in Tiflis, the capital of Georgia as seen at the end of season 1. The first season follows Charly, living quietly in Berlin, as he faces his past when old associates threaten his family, leading him to steal a valuable coin. Joseph, a Vienna gang driver, is tasked to transport it to Austria, but the plan fails, leading to a deadly shootout.

crooks season 2

Charly and Joseph, intertwined by fate, flee to protect Charly’s family. They embark on a perilous road trip across three countries, battling gangs, and relying on their friendship for survival. The next season will probably pose a new, dangerous threat to Charly and his family, and it will be interesting to watch how he comes out of it.

Who will be in the Cast of the Second Season of Crooks?

If the show returns, it will most likely mark the return of Frederick Lau Charly. Christoph Krutzler is also expected to reprise his role as Joseph. Svenja Jung might return as Samira with Jonathan Tittel as Jonas. Meanwhile, there would also be some new cast members depending on the storyline.

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