Dark Matter Episode 3 is out and like the first two episodes, it is an absolute banger once again. In the third episode, titled The Box. For the unversed or those who have not seen the first two episodes, it is a show about a man called Jason who lives a normal life before he gets kidnapped by Jason himself. Confused? Yes, we were too. So all of this is something related to Schrodinger’s cat where a human in a superposition can somehow teleport through different realities. So now Jason is in a world where he is a very successful scientist and a ruthless single man who has a single point focus on his scientific exploits. As both Jasons try to adjust to new life and one of them tries to find his way back to his wife and kids, he discovers a box which enables the superposition. Here is our Dark Matter Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained. Meanwhile, watch the trailer of Dark Matter here.

What Happens in Dark Matter Episode 3?

Dark Matter Episode 3 comes on the back of Daniela’s death at the end of Episode 2. While Daniela is still alive in the world of the original Jason, she dies as Jason tries to use her in the other world to get back to his original life. It later turns out that whatever Jason said to Daniela was being watched by Leighton who is actually searching for the scientist Jason who had gone into the box to never return like a few other people who had volunteered for the experiment. Meanwhile Daniela and Jason host a party in the original world and Jason is very good there as he takes note of every little detail in his life. Now Leighton wants to pressure Jason to figure the box out so they can get their Jason back and he can use the box he has put his millions into.

Dark Matter Episode 3 Ending Explained

When Jason has a discussion with Ryan about the drug he made on Jason’s insistence. Ryan admits that the drug stops the “brain from causing its own decoherence”. Leighton stops the discussion between Ryan and Jason and takes Ryan away. So is there a potential threat to Ryan’s life? Maybe. Leighton will stop at nothing.

Meanwhile Jason tells Daniela about the close shave he had with a car in the first episode and how his entire life flashed before his eyes at that moment. We are calling this moment as an important one for the episodes to come. Could it be that both worlds are the same and Ryan’s offer of joining a new company woke up the scientific ambitions in Jason and he wants to move away from his family life and all of this is just playing in his head. Maybe? anyone?

Anyway at the end. Amanda tries to help Jason escape but they are caught by Leighton and escape to a room where Amanda injects Jason with something. They wake up in a corridor full of nothingness.

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