After impressing everyone with her performance in House of the Dragon, Emily Carey is appearing in a new avatar in Netflix’s Geek Girl. The show tells the story of an awkward neurodivergent teenager whose life changes when she is chosen to be a model. The show features some beautiful visuals and iconic landmarks, which makes one wonder about Geek Girl’s filming locations.

London, England

Geek Girl was primarily filmed in London, the capital of England. The shoot took place across various locations in the city between June and September 2023. The scenes involving Harriet Manners’ school were actually filmed at the Waldegrave School, located at Fifth Cross Rd, Twickenham, a suburb of London.

Geek Girl Filming Locations

Waldegrave School is a state secondary school in Twickenham, London, for girls aged 11-16, with a coeducational sixth form opened in 2014. It was formed in 1980 by merging Twickenham Girls’ School and Kneller Girls’ School, named after Frances Lady Waldegrave. Twickenham Girls’ School began in 1909 and became comprehensive in 1973. Kneller Girls’ School opened in 1936, became coeducational for a time, and moved to Fifth Cross Road in 1978. 

Where was Geek Girl Filmed

For shooting the Infinity Models London scenes, the production team utilized the Trinity Buoy Wharf, an art center at 64 Orchard Place, London. The site, formerly used by Trinity House for maintaining buoys and lightships, features a now inactive lighthouse. Built in 1864-66 by James Douglass, this lighthouse housed a lantern from the 1867 Paris Exposition. It was used for testing lighting systems and training lighthouse keepers. The original lighthouse, built in 1852 by James Walker, was demolished in the 1920s. Today, the wharf is home to various art projects, including Longplayer.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Geek Girl was also filmed in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, located in the province of Ontario. The city is n ideal filming location due to its diverse architectural styles, which range from historic buildings to modern structures, providing versatile backdrops for various film genres. The city’s picturesque landscapes, including parks and the scenic Rideau Canal, add natural beauty to film scenes. 

Additionally, Ottawa’s vibrant cultural scene and supportive local government make it film-friendly. The availability of experienced local crews and production facilities enhances the efficiency of filming. Ottawa’s proximity to other major cities like Toronto and Montreal offers logistical convenience, while its relatively lower costs compared to larger cities make it budget-friendly for filmmakers.

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