Honeymoonish (original title Shahr zii aleasal) is the latest Kuwaiti offering on Netflix that follows a newly-wed couple who go on their honeymoon only to find out that they have nothing in common due to their starkly different personalities. As they spend time trying to tolerate each other, they form an unlikely bond as sparks finally start to fly. The romantic comedy is supported by its vibrant visuals that serve as the perfect backdrop for the quirky narrative. So where did the production crew find the perfect filming locations for Honeymoonish? Read on to find out.

Beirut, Lebanon

Honeymoonish was majorly filmed in Beirut, Lebanon. The director of the film, Elie Semaan, belongs to the same city. Beirut, Lebanon, serves as an exceptional filming location due to its dynamic blend of urban and historical charm. The city boasts a diverse range of settings, from bustling streets and modern skyscrapers to ancient landmarks and traditional neighborhoods, which made it an ideal city to film the couple’s trip in Honeymoonish.

Honeymoonish Filming Locations

Apart from Beirut, the filming of the movie also took place in the nearby coastal city of Jounieh. Some important sequences were shot at the Teleferique du Liban, a bicable gondola lift system that is a major tourist attraction in Lebanon. The lift, opened in 1965, takes passengers from the bay of Jounieh to a 650-meter-high mountain that hosts the Our Lady of Lebanon shrine.

Bsharri, Lebanon

Apart from the above locations, the production crew and the cast were also spotted filming some key sequences in the town of Bsharri in Lebanon, particularly at the Cedars of God. The forest, situated in the Kadisha Valley of Bsharre, was added to the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1998.

Honeymoonish Filming Locations

These forests are known for their historical significance and majestic beauty. These ancient cedar trees, some dating back thousands of years, hold great cultural and religious importance in Lebanon. Historically, the cedars were highly valued for their timber, used in construction and shipbuilding. Today, they are protected as a national symbol of Lebanon’s natural heritage. The Cedars of God also feature prominently in religious texts and folklore, mentioned in the Bible and Quran.

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Some scenes of the film were filmed in Kuwait City, the capital of Kuwait. The city is a perfect blend of futuristic skyscrapers and architectural marvels, offers a contemporary setting for cinematic storytelling. Additionally, Kuwait City’s rich cultural heritage, reflected in its historic landmarks, bustling markets, and traditional neighborhoods, adds depth and authenticity to film production. The city features desert surroundings along with a scenic coastal line, which can be seen in a few sequences of Honeymoonish.

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