Bodkin on Netflix is about a group of podcasters leading an expedition to a town called Bodkin in Ireland where they uncover a mystery about missing people. Ever since the trailer of the series came out people have been curious to know about the real story of the series and the town. This is where we come in. We will go to the very depths of the truth and be the sleuths that the podcasters are trying to be in the show. And if you heard it as dramatically as we wrote it, we hope you agree with our interpretation.

Is Bodkin based on a true story?

No, Bodkin is not based on a true story but like every other story, there has to be some inspiration for Bodkin. We think that the inspiration comes from the Bodkin Murders which took place in Ireland. Bodkin is a comedy despite having a mystery element attached to it.

In 1741, three members and a few servants of the Bodkin family of Ireland were murdered in a family inheritance feud. Oliver Bodkin along with his wife and kids were murdered by John Bodkin. An even more interesting fact about John Bodkin was the identity of his uncle Dominick Bodkin who was an infamous Irish mass murderer. The plot thickens.

So, the makers might have stumbled upon this and taken inspiration from it while making this show.

Is Bodkin a real place in Ireland?

No, Bodkin is not a real town in Ireland and it is a figment of the makers’ imagination. The name Bodkin in Ireland is synonymous with Dominick ‘Dall’ Bodkin.

Dominick ‘Dall’ Bodkin, a member of a group called Galway, was involved in the Carrowbawn murders of 1740. Known for his pockmarked appearance and heavy drinking who lived at a place called Carrowbeg House.

Bodkin True Story

Along with his nephew John, Oliver and others, he conspired to kill his brother Oliver Sr., his wife, and younger son. The events took place on September 18 and saw the slaughter of eleven victims, including household members and a guest.Bodkin, along with John Bodkin, was gibbeted, while another accomplice, John Hogan was executed too.

The story in the show is about disappearances but the plot must have borrowed from the happenings of the 18th century. So as you watch the show on Netflix, do keep this in the back of the mind and the next time you here of a mass murderer in and around your residence, you may have a Netflix series waiting in the wings. Go pitch.


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