We Were the Lucky Ones is a new drama series on Hulu and it tells the tale of the separation and reuniting of a Polish Jewish family. The series is based on a book by the same name by author Georgia Hunter, which turned out to be a bestseller so the show was an anticipated one. The trailer of the show also generated quite the buzz as there were 12 million hits on the trailer when it was released. The show description says that it is inspired by real events, so a general question all over the viewer universe has been about whether the Kurc family is a real family. Let us find out.

Kurc Family Real Story

The Kurc Family, the family that gets separated during the Nazi invasion of Poland is based on the family of Georgia Hunter, the author of the book. As Hunter has already explained in many interviews, the story of the Kurc Family is the story of her own Grandfather and his parents and siblings. Georgia however has not divulged the details of the script of the series but has shared that it is based on the challenges faced by her own grandfather.

Kurc Family Real Story 

Georgia in an interview said that she started writing the book after the death of her grandfather after she learned about the story from her grandmother and started off on the path that would see her dedicating the next decade towards writing this novel which would end up becoming the bestseller, a decade later.

If you have read the book though, we would recommend you to not expect the narrative of the novel and the series to be the same because the screenplay is a whole different ball game compared to a novel. There has been talk about this series being the Game of Thrones of the World War Era as the characters get separated and then unite over the course of the series.

Kurc Family Real Story
Georgia Hunter

Hunter has admitted that the story’s end has been fictionalized by her using creative liberties about the family, but it seems the end is quite a distance away and there are a lot of twists and turns that are yet to happen before the end comes. She also suggested in another interview that while the story of the series is a true one, there is still an element of fiction in this series as it has been told from multiple perspectives told across many different incidents all of which are true.

We happened to check out the show quickly after its release and we must say this is a beautifully crafted show that grows on you like slow poison and creates quite the impression on you midway. It will be interesting to see how the people perceive this series as many of the viewers would have read the book too and where they stand on the book vs series debate. Let us see if the audiences are in sync with the makers of the series.

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