Netflix’s latest French offering, Anthracite, is a thrilling tale full of mystery and drama. The show revolves around the murder of a woman in the Alps as per rituals of a sect that committed mass suicide 30 years earlier. Starring Hatik, Noémie Schmidt, and Camille Lou, the series has already impressed the audience with its gripping narrative, stellar performances, and captivating visuals. Fans of the show are now wondering if Anthracite will return with a season 2. Well, here is all you need to know about the same.

Will Anthracite Return with Season 2 on Netflix?

Anthracite has been labeled as a mini-series, hence chances of the show returning with season 2 seem low for now. Mini-series are usually one-season shows where the whole story arc is covered in the season itself, so there is no scope for further development of the story. However, some exceptions have been seen in the past when limited series were renewed for multiple seasons owing to their huge popularity.

Anthracite Season 2

So, if Anthracite is able to generate enough excitement among the audiences, Netflix might think of renewing the show for another season. The streaming platform will be carefully observing the performance of the show in the upcoming weeks. It will also take into consideration factors like the production budget and availability of the creators before deciding on its continuation. If everything goes well, Netflix might as well confirm a season 2 in the upcoming weeks.

Also, the new season of a show usually takes around one to two years to produce. So if Anthracite is renewed for season 2 in the near future, we can expect it to premiere sometime by the end of 2025 or the beginning of 2026. However, we need to wait for the official announcement from Netflix.

What will Anthracite Season 2 be About?

Since Anthracite is marketed as a limited series, most of the plot points have reached their conclusion by the end of season 1. So if the makers want to continue the show, they can either turn it into an anthology series with a new story and characters or use the same characters to develop a continuation of the original story. 

Anthracite Season 2

In the first season, a woman’s ritualistic murder leads to the resurfacing of a sect’s mass suicide in the Alps, unsettling the village. Jaro Gatsi, a troubled youth seeking redemption, becomes the prime suspect. As he teams up with tech-savvy Ida, the pair uncovers connections of the case to their own pasts Together, they aim to prove Jaro’s innocence while unraveling hidden truths. If the show takes the anthology series route, we might get to see another incident related to the Alpine sect that will once again bring chaos to the community.

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