Judge Malvar is a prominent character in Netflix’s The Asunta Case who captivates the audience from the very first episode. He leads the investigation into the murder mystery as the Examining Judge and also becomes an integral part of the trial that ultimately leads to the conviction of the adoptive parents of Asunta. As the show is based on a true story, Judge Malvar is also based on a real life character. Here is all you need to know about the same.

Who is Judge Malvar from The Asunta Case in Real Life and Where is He Now?

The character of Judge Malvar is inspired by the real life Jose Antonio Vazquez Tain who carried out the examining magistrate in the Asunta murder case. Vázquez Taín is a renowned judge in Galicia, and gained fame for his anti-drug trafficking efforts, earning the nickname Robin Hood. In 2011, he made news for successfully recovering the stolen Codex Callixtinus. Known for his direct and sometimes aggressive approach, he left no doubt about his conviction during interrogations, notably with Rosario Porto in the Asunta case.

Besides his judicial role, Vázquez Taín is a novelist, drawing inspiration from his legal experiences. His novel during the Asunta case, though unrelated, delves into the flaws of the Spanish judicial system. This incident underscores tensions between the judiciary and media in high-profile cases. Judge Taín authored a book on general crime, serving as a valuable reference on various criminal activities. 

Additionally, he published another book detailing historical trials, including those of Jesus of Nazareth, Galileo, and O.J. Simpson. While it’s uncommon for judges to write novels based on cases they’re involved in, it’s not deemed illegal or unethical. However, he faced criticism for a remark made during a police course, questioning media reliability in the Asunta case. 

Initially recommended for a one-month suspension by the Higher Court of Justice in Galicia, the penalty was reduced to a public warning. Despite appealing the verdict, his appeal was rejected. In his defense, he argued that the course wasn’t public and discussed media reliability issues, highlighting the pressures faced by journalists to produce newsworthy content. Judge Tain is now 56 years old and has a production banner named Amarola Productions through which he produces documentary films.

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