Lootere has come up with its third episode, and it continues the story of Vikrant and other main characters of the show, where the main plot point is a ship being hijacked by pirates in Somalia. The third episode has a surprise for Vikrant who can’t seem to catch a break at the moment. There are problems galore for him both in his professional life and in his personal life, as his wife and Kid are upset about him not doing enough to find Aarya’s friend, Ismael. However, he does accidentally find Ismael, but more on that later. First, we begin with our review of the third episode of Lootere.

Lootere Episode 3 Review

The third episode of Lootere is engaging and at the same time, it is nuanced in its narrative. The third episode’s purpose in the long format storytelling is to deepen the conflict for the central characters and stack the odds against them for them to now look at a solution. The episode does just the same at every single point of this episode. Our favorite scene from the episode is when Koombe, the pirate, gets to know that there is a woman on the ship.

Lootere Episode 3 Review

The shore is near and that is when things go south. The overall scale of the series and the execution of this series too is done extremely well. The makers have kept everything about the series very authentic and kept the characters and the locations very real too. To execute something at this scale and to do it in a place like Somalia and at the same time keep the character arcs very authentic is extremely appreciable.

Vivek Gomber and Rajat Kapoor are very capable actors, and they have carried the series on their shoulders. Both of them have pulled off an extremely layered performance where they know when to seem vulnerable and when to show out. The writing gives them a lot of subtexts to play with, and they do just that. The other actors too are on their game. It is exciting to see Chandan Roy Sanyal’s arc building up. It will be interesting to see what his character does now.

What Happened to Ismael?

Lootere Episode 3 Review

As promised earlier, we are going to address the story of Ismael and what has happened to him so far in the show. Ismael was the friend of Vikrant’s son. Perhaps, the only friend he ever had, and he has been missing for a month. Vikrant’s wife and son want to find Ismael, and that is their biggest purpose in the story.

They have approached the police, but to no avail. Ismael, however, as is revealed in the story, has now joined the pirates after being abducted. Vikrant finds him at the site of the pirate hijack and wants to take him back, but he is advised against it. Ismael is a clear misfit in the camp, and he gets assaulted in the camp before he gets saved by a character called the Hawk.

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