Maxton Hall -The World Between Us is the most needless series you are ever going to watch. So before we go ahead and tell you more about the most random show on any streaming platform, we will let go of our bounce rate statistics and recommend you at the outset not to watch this series at all. And if you decide to stick around for some savagery, we will dissect this show, probably a little more than its writers did while reading the first draft. So here we go, Our review.

Maxton Hall -The World Between Us Review

We happened to read the comments on the trailer of this show and we could not agree more. What was the need for this show at all? Why not watch The Elite again? The story has the most innovative storylines of all time. A good girl falls in love with a rich spoilt brat. We’ve seen only 2343234 shows and films on the subject so why not make one more.

The series has absolutely nothing new to offer. It has a girl who hates a boy and ends up falling in love after 5 random episodes which mean nothing. The makers have left no stone unturned in making this the most cliche’ and boring show of all time.

Maxton Hall -The World Between Us Review

We had a hard time lasting the length of this web series and the open end teases a second season. It is our sincere request to our readers to not watch this show and encourage a sequel because we do not want to watch it and review it again. Anyway this series is about a girl Ruby Bell who keeps telling everyone that she wants to make it to Oxford all series but when it comes to giving the interview rounds and attending an orientation workshop, she is making out with the guy she hates. Yes. that’s how horrible this show is.

James Beaufort is a bad boy who becomes a good boy and hits his father when he is a good guy. This makes perfect sense in the storyline for some reason and it makes perfect sense to the makers. Read About the Filming locations, because that is what we have given the 1/10 for. It is shot at nice places. The makers had the audacity to put out a preview and if you last the preview and their annoying accents, suit yourself.

This is a show which should have never made it to the second draft. It should not have made it to its synopsis to be honest.


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