Música is a film just released on Prime Video and the film is a unique romantic comedy that follows the life of a man who suffers from a condition called Synesthesia. The story follows Rudy (played by the film’s director Rudy Mancuso) and his love life. Rudy is a college student who has a girlfriend, however, he feels unhappy and misunderstood in that relationship. He meets a girl called Isabella and ends up falling for her. However, this is not a quintessential love triangle, but it also has a fourth element to it. The fourth element of the story is Rudy’s mother also played by his real mother who wants him to get married to a girl of her choice. Is this film a good watch?

Música on Prime Video Review

The film is a beautiful watch as it explores a love story that has never been explored yet. The element of a mother wanting a son to be married. There is a clear representation of all the characters in this film. One is what life gives you, the second is what you want from life, and the third is what society expects from you.

Musica Review

The screenplay of this film has an innocence and while Rudy is not a trained actor, no one else could have brought the innocence of this done like a genius character like him. The character is him in a parallel dimension and his playing the character works for this film very well. His mother is a wonderful addition to the film. Their conversations are organic and seem unscripted too.

The essence of this film Música is music and the music of the film is found in life and the small instances that create music for the character who has a condition where he creates music out of regular things. The music of this film has been sketched out in a way that creates a continuous beat for this film. The growth arc of the characters takes them to a place where they reach a point that exposes them to what life gives a person. The cutest part of this film is how he reacts to those situations and how the film continues to stay true to its innocence even in difficult situations. This film is a great ode to the innocence of life. Watch the film now and enjoy the beauty of a man who still has innocence intact.

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