The upcoming Netflix movie Under Paris is in hot water (pun intended) as it might be taken down from the platform soon after its release. Under Paris will be released on June 5 and is currently in legal trouble. The controversy stems from legal proceedings initiated by a writer-director named Vincent Dietschy who claims that the film closely resembles his project titled ‘Silure’ which he began developing over a decade ago. He further alleges that the film was developed without his knowledge, based on the original idea he had registered with France’s rights management body SACD  in 2011.

What happens in the Netflix Movie Under Paris?

Under Paris is about a shark attack in the Seine River as a Triathlon event is under threat with the organizers running helter-skelter trying to make sense of the situation. Come the hour of need, some saviors including a woman named Sophie, an environmentalist named Mika, and a policeman named Adil take matters into their own hands risking their lives for the safety of others.

Is Netflix Movie Under Paris copied?

There is an allegation by writer and director, Vincent Dietschy that Under Paris has similarities to the plot of his project Silure that he had been developing since 2011. He claims to have taken the inspiration for the project from the Steven Spielberg film Jaws.Speaking to Deadline, the makers of Under Paris have refuted the claim saying ““We had never heard of Silure until the formal notice we received last year from Mr. Dietschy’s Counsel. Under Paris is an original project, and we’ll exercise our right to defend ourselves in the court proceedings brought by Mr. Dietschy,”


Will Netflix Movie Under Paris be taken down?

The suspense remains behind Under Paris and whether it will ultimately stay on Netflix. For now, the film is releasing on June 5 but it might be taken down after a court verdict on June 14. Once the verdict comes through, the future of the film will be decided. So if you plan to watch the film, we recommend you to watch it soon and not wait for too long.


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