Patna Shukla is the latest offering from the house of Disney+ Hotstar. The film features popular actress Raveena Tandon and actor Manav Vij. It also features the Late Satish Kaushik in one of his final performances. The film is about an education scam where students pay to get higher marks in exams. Ever since the film has come out, many people have been wondering if such a scam actually happened and if the film is based on a true story. We did our research and this is what we have got for you.

Patna Shukla Real Story

The story of Patna Shukla is inspired by the multiple education scams that have taken place in India. The film is about an education scam where students pay to get roll numbers attached to them. Such scams have taken place on multiple occasions in India. The Vyapam Scam which was unearthed in 2013 had been taking place for over two decades for 13 different entrance exams which were conducted by Vyapam which was a body entrusted with carrying out exams.

Patna Shukla True Story

The scam took place in  Madhya Pradesh where undeserving candidates colluded with officials of the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board officials, politicians, and other middlemen who would be paid in exchange for high ranks in these exams. There were many tricks used by the scamsters like impersonation, copying, answer sheet manipulation, and leaking of the question paper. The sheer scale of the scam can be understood from the fact that over 2000 people were arrested in the context of the scam.

The movie is based in Patna and an education scam came to light in 2016 in Bihar too. This happened after a video went viral where the topper of the arts stream in the Bihar State Education Board exam, Ruby Rai, wrongly called political science “prodigal science”. The science topper of the exam could not associate the link between H2O and Water. The videos went viral and an SIT was set up to investigate the exams.

Patna Shukla True Story

In her investigation, Ruby Rai revealed that she only wanted to score second division, but her father colluded with principal Baccha Rai to make her the topper. This was known as the Topper scam and exposed the collusion at the highest level in the education system. Another scam that took place in West Bengal where the scam was known as the Teachers Recruitment Scam where a list of wrongly recommended candidates had been published to uncover the scam.

The candidates who took the exams and did not attempt even one question or attempted only a couple of questions were chosen. The verdict of the Judge in this case was that this cannot be a work of ghosts and there were people from the commission who were involved in the scam. When the trailer of Patna Shukla came out, the comments section was full of people commenting and thanking the makers for bringing the issue to light. Such scams have also been heard in Gujarat and other states where papers have been leaked.

A movie like this can go a long way in bringing awareness about such scams.

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