Pauline is one of those smart series that catch up on its audience eventually after it has had a run and after all the controversy it has had to go through. Pauline is a strange series, to say the least with a girl hooking up with a devil and being pregnant with his son. The girl is Pauline, and the devil is Lucas. Check out the trailer for this series.

Pauline Ending Explained

Pauline cuts a deal with Lilith. She promises to give her Samuel (played by the dashing Damian Hardung who is riding high after Maxton Hall) in return for Lukas. Now in the final sequence, as Samuel comes out, he starts to insult everyone and he goes after Pauline after he realizes that she is pregnant. He manhandles her after mocking her father Jason but she comes back at him and kills him.

She then goes after Lilith who also falls soon. All the evils are now gone and Lukas and Pauline are free to live their lives. Pauline still has the baby and Lukas could be the head of the devil community now. The series ends with them kissing. The series has a happy ending but there is a possibility that remains for the second season. More on that here

Pauline Review

The series is a one-time watch at best. If you have nothing to watch and fancy some weird stuff, this is a good series. Otherwise, you don’t mind giving this a miss. Enjoyed the VFX in this one to be honest it is different from the usual stuff going on there. But still don’t get the point of this series. Maybe some of it was lost in translation but we honestly, didn’t find the logic behind Disney+ greenlighting this. Acting is okay here but you would expect a little more from the leads.


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