The Baxters Season 1 has dropped on Prime Video. The season has 10 episodes and it is based on a novel by Karen Kingsbury. The show is a family drama where the focal point of the show is its relationships not just between the humans but also between the characters and God. At the center of the show is how the characters find their fulfillment and redemption. The show is a bit of a throwback to the 90s and early 2000s dramas. Here is our detailed review of the first season of the show

The Baxters Review

At the center of this series is a family and for a good family drama to be framed, it is important that all the characters are established properly yet there are a few characters that will have the bulk of the conflicts. This season has Kari as the centerpiece of the show as she discovers that her husband is cheating on her. The first few episodes of the show set up the Baxter family where John and Elizabeth along with their five adult children have a unique lifestyle and relationships. At the core of the show is faith and the relationship that each character shares with God.

The Baxters Review

The show has a complicated script, and we must compliment the screenwriters of the series on how they have set the series up for even better things to come in the future. There is nothing too fancy about the filmmaking of the series, and sometimes that seems to be the most difficult thing to do in the world of green screen and VFX today. Something that seems to be an underrated part of every series is writing and creating the family dynamic. Breaking Bad, perhaps the best series there has ever been succeeds because of the family dynamic.

The direction of the series too has been done very well and the composition of scenes where there are many people has been done so well that you feel like a fly on the wall in that house. The Baxters is a wonderful example of how a simple series can be effective too without the thrills and frills. The roller coaster of the series is an emotional one and the emotional curve of the series is what gets the series going. Some of our favorite scenes from the series are the ones where Kari experiences her redemption.

The Baxters Review

Performances in this series carry the show on its back. Most of the actors appear to be seasoned and give seasoned performances. A lot of viewers who watched the trailer called this show a remake of 7th Heaven, but the show is significantly different and has a distinct identity of its own. The scenes where characters experience their redemption are the ones that work the most for the script. I did shed a tear or two during the show and that is a rare occurrence. Do watch the show.

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