The release of ‘Gullak Season 4’ is just around the corner, and to prepare you for the new exciting episodes, we have come up with a recap of the previous season. So go ahead and refresh your memory with all the action that took place in the five episodes of ‘Gullak Season 3’, and be ready, just in time, to witness the further adventures of the Mishra family in ‘Gullak Season 4’.

Gullak Season 3 Complete Recap

The first episode of ‘Gullak Season 3’ introduced us to the Mishra family’s main problems: money issues, Anand’s job, and Aman’s academic future. The episode started with the family trying to save money by less use of the air conditioner. Anand, who worked at a pharmaceutical company, was thinking about how to spend his money, on the other hand, Aman appeared for his board exams. The family was concerned about how much money they needed for Aman’s college, which affected their budget, and Anand had to give up on his dream of buying shoes with his salary, for his brother’s college fees.

In Episode 2, Santosh faced two big challenges. First, his boss, Bade Babu, wanted him to join the office workers’ union, but Santosh refused. Then, he got his Leave Travel Allowance (LTA), which made him happy, and he promised the family a trip to Kashmir. This led to a fight with Shanti, who didn’t believe they would actually go. To calm things down, Santosh suggested a family dinner at a nice restaurant. However, their plans were interrupted by their neighbor, Bittu Ki Mummy, turning the dinner into more of a symbolic outing than a real one. 

Gullak Season 3 Recap

In Episode 3, Santosh’s friend from the village visited with his daughter, Furteeli, asking for help to find her a husband. Santosh eagerly took on this task, while Shanti bonded with Furteeli, supporting her through the process. Despite Santosh’s confidence in his choice of a groom, Furteeli felt unsure, especially after the suitor mocked her name. Shanti advised against the marriage, and Santosh, after some hesitation, agreed, valuing Furteeli’s happiness over his pride. 

Episode 4 took a darker turn. Aman’s dreams were crushed when he got suspended from school submitting sugarcane juice in his chemistry test. He admitted to Anand that he didn’t care about science and math and wanted to pursue Arts. Meanwhile, Santosh received a suspension letter accusing him of corruption, and cutting off his pension. The family, especially Shanti, turned to religious rituals, hoping for better luck. Despite their efforts, the situation worsened, resulting in more stress for the Mishras.

Gullak Season 3 Recap

Episode 5 continued from the last episode’s troubles. Santosh tried to resolve his suspension with Bade Babu but faced rejection. Anand and Aman tried to gather their money, only to find Santosh unconscious from a heart attack. The family rushed him to the hospital, filled with fear and worry. Santosh survived, but the scare impacted the family deeply. Anand argued with his friend Lucky and Aman thought about giving up on his dream of pursuing Arts.

By the end, Santosh came home from the hospital. He was surrounded by family and friends who supported him. Prinsu Bhaiya then visited their home along with Bade Babu, and revealed that Bade Babu was a corrupt man who was the reason behind Santosh’s suspension. Prinsu Bhaiya made him apologize to Santosh, lifting his suspension. The season ended on a positive note, with Santosh telling Anand to follow his passion, instead of being stuck in a job that he does not like.

When will Gullak Season 4 Premiere?

Now let’s see what the future has in store for the Mishras. And don’t forget to tune into Sony Liv on June 7 to watch ‘Gullak Season 4’. Meanwhile, you can check out what to expect from ‘Gullak Season 4’ here.


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