Ripley is a new series on Netflix that features the talented actor Andrew Scott playing the role of Tom Ripley. The film is about a small-time con artist who is tasked to get Herbert Greenleaf’s son back from Italy to join his shipping business. Ripley, who is in awe of Dickie Greenleaf’s life, decides to murder Dickie and assume his identity. The series is based on The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith. People who have seen the series are wondering why the series has been made in Black and White. In a recent interview given by Steven Zaillian to Variety, some reasons were listed. Further, we will also provide our own interpretation of the series being black and white.

Reason Behind Ripley on Netflix Being Black and White

The director gives a couple of reasons behind the film being shot in Black and White. The first reason is an artistic and instinctive decision. He talks about the novel and how the image of Ripley in the novel is in black and white and the director could not get it out of his head while making the film. The other reason that he gives is a filmmaking decision.

The series is a psychological thriller and one that is paced in a way to shows the psychology of the character. The series is shot in Italy which is known for its picturesque locations, and shooting a thriller in the bright blue skies and colorful landscapes of Italy does not do justice to the series in any way. So the decision to bring monochrome to the series is to add the intensity to this series.

Ripley Black and White

Ripley Black and White

Another major reason that we could think of here is the character of Tom Ripley. The character in the novel and in the series is one who is completely devoid of a conscience. As observed in this series and in the books that followed the events of this series, it has been made clear that the character has never been guilty about everything that he has done.

The series is a deep dive into the psychology of an antisocial personality and while making a film, the personality of a character really influences the art direction in a film as well as the cinematography of the film. The monochrome tones along with the leisurely pace of the show add a nice touch to a man who is antisocial in a way that he keeps himself away from the colors of the world. Do you agree with this interpretation of ours? Do let us know in your comments.

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