Sometimes, you come across a film just out of the blue, and it blows your mind away to a point where you know while watching the film that it is a part of your life going forward. Once you watch Rewind, you have no choice but to fall in love with Mary and John and feel for them. The film was released theatrically on December 25th, 2023, and is now ready for a great run on Netflix. This film, directed by Mae Cruz Alviar, turned out to be the third-highest box office success in the history of the Philippines.

Rewind stars the real-life couple, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. The film has many subtle undertones, but the biggest idea behind the film is the message that life and relationships are precious, and you do not get a second chance at it. Here is our complete review of Rewind on Netflix.

Netflix Rewind Review

Rewind Netflix Review

From the first frame and the first time you hear Mary’s voice in this film, you know you are in for something beautiful. The aesthetics of this film are so on point and the artwork and cinematography are so aligned with the story of the film that you do not even get a moment where you can take your eyes off the story. In some films, particularly in love stories, you lose grip in the intense confrontational scenes.

Such as the scene where John confronts his Godfather but in this film, they are firmly adding to the plot of the film and are equally aesthetic. The biggest thing that works for the film is its screenplay. The film is adapted from a book but for the unversed, there is a huge difference between writing a screenplay and writing a book. A book leaves it up to your imagination while a screenplay creates your imagination.

Rewind Netflix Review

This film creates a world like no other. For someone, who is a stranger to their world, I felt like I belonged there in their world. The scene where they watch the play, the second time and the child runs past John broke me to a pulp as a viewer. I wanted to beg the filmmaker to bring him back to life. The direction in this film is absolutely top-notch. It was a delight to watch some scenes play out the way they did.

The scene where John breaks down at Mary’s funeral is one that many boys will do for their hypothetical wives in their rooms. The performances and the chemistry among the leads are something that keeps the movie afloat and one that is going to stay with their fans for their lifetime. They came together after a decade and showed why they are the most popular couple in their region.

All in all, this is one magnificent film that needs to be watched by everyone who is looking for a feel-good movie to start their week.

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