Sasquatch Sunset is a surreal comedy film that tells the story of a family of Bigfoot. As the audiences watch the detailed daily life of the family in the film, more often than not, there are humorous situations that evoke laughter. As the entire film takes place in a jungle, there is a curiosity among audiences to know about the filming locations of Sasquatch Sunset, especially about the forest. So here is the place where the movie was filmed.

Humboldt County, California

Sasquatch Sunset was filmed in Humboldt County, California, particularly in the Redwoods forest. The shoot took place for 22 days in October 2022. The production team of the film hired local crew members, and caterers and rented office spaces in Humboldt County, which reportedly generated $300k for the local economy.

Sasquatch Sunset Forest

Talking about the shoot of the film, Anibal Polanco, Deputy Director of Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission revealed, “They hired some local crew and they filmed all around in the redwoods areas. The direct dollar impact is a good thing for our area, especially during the off-season. That can help with, you know, helping stimulate our economy locally and just bring business to vendors and entities that normally wouldn’t see an influx of money during that time of year.”

The Redwoods in California are considered a natural wonder as they feature towering redwood trees, some of which soar to heights exceeding 350 feet, making them the tallest trees on Earth. These trees are ancient, some even over 2,000 years. They create a canopy that blocks out a lot of the sunlight and creates a special kind of shady environment below. The forest is also home to lots of different plants and animals. You can find ferns, flowers, and mosses covering the ground, and there are plenty of animals like deer, squirrels, and birds roaming around.

The Redwoods Forest also holds cultural significance, serving as a sacred place for indigenous tribes. It has also acted as an inspiration for artists and poets. Sasquatch Sunset isn’t the first film to be shot in Humboldt County. The region has facilitated the production of several films and shows over the years. These include The Lost World: Jurassic Park, After Earth, East of Eden, Little Red Riding Hood, Murder Mountain, A Death in Canaan, The Enchanted Forest, A Spark in Nothing, Reggae on the River, and Valley of the Giants.

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