The 2024 biographical film Sight tells the incredible true story of Doctor Ming Wang, a Chinese immigrant who overcame all challenges to become a successful eye surgeon in the United States. As the story the movie progresses from China to the US, we get to see a number of different and beautiful locations in the movie. So where are the filming locations of Sight (2024)? Read on to find out.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

While the story of Sight mostly takes place in the US, the production team of the film actually chose the Canadian city of Vancouver to shoot the majority of scenes. Vancouver doubles as Nashville, Tennessee in the film, the city where the real Doctor Ming Wang lives and operates his institute.

Sight 2024 Filming Locations

Vancouver is a great place to film movies and TV shows owing to its beautiful scenery, which includes mountains, forests, and beaches. This variety of landscapes makes it easy to set different scenes without traveling far. The city itself is very modern, with a mix of old and new buildings, allowing it to look like many different places around the world.

The weather in Vancouver is also a plus. It doesn’t get too hot or too cold, so filming can happen almost all year round. The city has a lot of experienced film crews and state-of-the-art equipment, making the production process smooth and efficient. Vancouver offers financial incentives for filmmakers, which helps keep costs down and prove beneficial for moderate-budget films like Sight.

Zhejiang, China

Sight 2024 Filming Locations

Some establishing shots of the film were taken in the Zhejiang province of China to showcase Ming Wang’s life in the country. A prominent building that can be spotted in the film is the Leifeng Pagoda, a five-story tower. The tower stands tall on Sunset Hill south of West Lake. Originally built in 975 AD, it collapsed in 1924 and was rebuilt in 2002. Now a popular tourist attraction and protected cultural heritage site, the site includes Leifeng Pagoda, the Imperial Monument, and other buildings. The pagoda, once a brick-wood structure with a wooden eave gallery and brick tower body, includes stone carvings of the ‘Avatamsaka Sutra’ on its walls.

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