Apple TV+’s Sugar promises high-octane drama and thrill. The series revolves around Private detective John Sugar who is tasked with the investigation of Olivia Siegel’s disappearance, who happens to be the granddaughter of Hollywood producer Jonathan Siegel. As the mystery unfolds, the dark secrets of the Siegel family unravel in front of John. The premise of the series is set in Los Angeles, and many people are wondering if the series was shot on location in the city. Well, let us find out.

Apple TV+ Sugar Filming Locations

Sugar was indeed filmed on location in Los Angeles, California. A number of places from the city can be spotted in the series. The cast and crew shot some sequences at Boardner’s by La Belle, a bar located at 1652 North Cherokee Avenue, Los Angeles. Established in 1927 off Hollywood Boulevard, the bar holds a rich history as a gathering place. 

Apple TV+ Sugar Filming Locations

Initially a hair salon during Prohibition, it transformed into a legendary bar in 1942. Surviving various challenges from gambling to Hollywood’s transformations, the place remained a cozy watering hole. Besides its main bar, Boardner’s offers an outdoor patio for live performances and relaxation. The place is frequented by numerous locals, celebrities and tourists.

Interestingly, Sugar is not the first project that has been filmed at Boardner’s by La Belle. The bar has earlier hosted the production of shows and films like Arrested Development, NCIS: Los Angeles, True Blood, Up Close & Confidential, Hollywood Homicide, Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23, Crocodile Dundee in LA, and Gangster Squad.

Some scenes of Sugar were filmed in Granada Hills, particularly at the estate at 17133 Nanette Street. The property is spread across an area of 2,078 square feet and consists of 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The Granada Hills neighborhood is located in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. The neighborhood is known for its scenic views and hosting a diverse community.

Apple TV+ Sugar Filming Locations

Apart from the above locations, many intersections and streets of Los Angeles are also features in Sugar. The city serves as an ideal filming location as it offers a variety of settings suitable for different film genres. Its sunny weather and consistent climate make outdoor shooting feasible year-round. LA’s extensive infrastructure supports the film industry, with numerous studios, production facilities, and experienced professionals readily available. Additionally, the city’s cultural significance in the entertainment world attracts talent and investment. 

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