Testament: The Story of Moses has been teased by Netflix for a long time and the series is finally here. We caught it first up and it was an absolute classic that is going to be watched and talked about for a very long time. The story of Moses has been contentious in its interpretation and the Biblical interpretation differs from the Quran interpretation.

On the trailer too, there has been a lot of chatter in the comments section about the authenticity of the series. In this article though, we are only going to stick to the filmmaking and storytelling aspects of it and will keep away from any religious connotation of the series. So, here we go with our Testament: The Story of Moses review

Testament: The Story of Moses Review

The series is a blend of documentary filmmaking and fictional storytelling. Netflix has mastered this art with multiple such series with the recent Alexander series and Rise of the Ottoman Empire. However, both those series were very confrontational and war-oriented. This one is a little different from the other series as it has a lot of spiritual elements along with empathetic storytelling elements.

Testament: The Story of Moses Review

Testament: The Story of Moses is a series that has a proper screenwriting narrative with the journey of Moses from a murderer to a prophet and also brings about the elements of the Biblical story of Moses. The cinematography of the series is top-notch and particularly brings the time into the picture and the amount of relatability is really less. The art of storytelling really works for this series as the narrative of the series delves from being a Biblical mythological script to one that is a deeply personal story of the protagonist.

The experts who come in also come in at a proper time during the narrative. The performances are extraordinary in this one particularly the performance of Azi Azulay as the protagonist is one to savor as the character goes through multiple peaks and valleys to finally rise as the hero of the series. We recommend this one for its treatment and storytelling in addition to the overall art direction and cinematography, which is a treat to the eyes.

Testament: The Story of Moses Review

Testament: The Story of Moses True Story

The factual accuracy of the series has been up for debate. The makers of the series have vouched for the series being a dramatic representation of the facts of Bible stories. However, due to the storytelling aspects of the series, certain aspects have been eliminated from the Biblical story. Netflix as a platform was also recently criticized for its portrayal of Alexander and the so-called forced addition of representation in the film. They have been a little careful with this one where they show most facts similar to the Biblical representation. However, we do expect there to be some noise and controversy once the series gains momentum.

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