Happened to catch up on The Sympathizer today and yes we are late to the party but better late than never so as The Sympathizer Episode 6 is out now and it streams on HBO Max in the United States and Jio Cinema in India, we bring you our two cents on it. The episode is titled The Oriental Mode of Destruction. The title comes from a book in the series written by a writer called Dr Richard Head. Captain finds out that the book is written by Professor Hammer, (honestly to the surprise of nobody). This is a recap of the episode and its end explanation

The Sympathizer Episode 6 Recap

This episode is about the Captain losing faith in the possibility of him going back to Vietnam. He is obviously sick of his life in America and wants to go back home to Vietnam. Captain learns about the revolution that the General is planning and that it is funded by Niko Damianos as a part of his political pursuit. Captain steals proof of the funding and gives it to Sonny for him to send to LA Times.

For the first time, he shouts at the General and gets angry at him for keeping Bon in his revolution unit. General convinces him to kill Sonny which he does partly conflicted about whether he is killing him for revenge or his duty.

Sympathizer Episode 6 Ending Explained

The Sympathizer Episode 6 Ending Explained

Captain kills Sonny after telling him the truth about his identity. He steals the proof he stole from Niko and half-burns it to convince Bon about his loyalty to General. He lies to the prison guard about sending the documents to the LA Times. Why does he do so? Well, we think that this is his only possibility of returning to Vietnam and he becomes a part of the war and goes with Bon on a plane to Vietnam. In the episode we see him having a dialogue with Man who refuses his request (He does it this way) to return to Vietnam so he now has to take matters into his own hands and plan a return. This is his way to return.

Bon’s strange action of punching the forehead while on the plane brings back bad memories from the time he leaped on that plane to America in episode 1 after his wife’s death. Captain calms him down by showing him a picture of his wife. Next episode might finally see him in Vietnam as we learn how he got caught and also if he will be released or not.

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