The Tearsmith is a new movie on Netflix that tells the tale of two people who have faced child abuse in an orphanage. As Nica and Rigel, the two characters fight their internal battles, they learn more about love and acceptance and how the deepest fear sometimes is being loved for who you are. The film is based on a book by the same name written by author Erin Doom. The book that came out in 2021 turned out to be a bestseller, and now it has subsequently been adapted into a movie. But is the movie a good one? Let us find out. Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer of the film here.

The Tearsmith on Netflix Review

The movie The Tearsmith is a beautiful ode to overcoming trauma and acceptance, while it is a story of fairytales and forbidden love. The story begins at Grave’s Orphanage where a matron traumatizes Nica and Rigel, who end up getting adopted by the same person. Nica believes in fairytales particularly the tale of the Tearsmith who is guilty of creating all anxiety and fear in the world.

What is stunning about this film is its visual presentation. From the first frame, we see what the makers of the film have tried to do visually and how they have tried to use colors (or the lack of them) to represent the lives of Nica and Rigel. Nica’s commitment to her fairytale dreams and the fear that she lives in while she has to take the steps that she must take to achieve her catharsis is the most beautiful part of this film.

The Tearsmith Netflix Review

From the first few frames of the film, one would be mistaken for watching this film as a thriller, but as you go deeper into the film you realize the personal journey that the makers of the film are taking you on. The visual storytelling of the film is impeccable. You can almost feel the characters gravitating toward each other in the film, and at the same time you can sense the restraint they are exercising too.

The dramatic events in the film are a little too melodramatic however, the audience would forgive them for treating a story about teenagers in such a way because teenagers do tend to be dramatic, particularly when they are put in the situations that the characters are put in. A part of the film that needs a special mention is the intimate scenes in the film. Often they end up being a little scratchy but in this film, you see the urgency with which they are done and at the same time the cinematic beauty that is there in those scenes.

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