Oh my God, our bodies got a workout after watching this one, and we’ve laughed out a thousand calories today. We gathered together to watch this one and the team had a complete riot out here. Tires on Netflix is a show that is meant to entertain, and does it entertain or what. It knocked us down and Shane Gillis, you are a mad genius. This series follows characters in situations that you would expect them to be sad. That’s the fun thing about this series. It could very well have been a series about a failing auto company, and it would have made perfect sense. I guess you already know what follows. A review that looks like fan mail.

Tires Netflix Review

Tires comes at a time when comedies are either too over the top and make-believe like Unfrosted or there are just true crime stories on Netflix that quite frankly are just boring to death and it feels like a rescue act by Shane and team. Tires is developed from a pilot script and my God why were they not getting this to production earlier? Now that it has we do not doubt that it is going to be trending for ages. This is perhaps the first pure comedy of this era that can challenge the likes of Friends and Modern Family. They need to keep renewing this till the end of the bloody time.

The plot is really simple here. There’s a tire shop that’s making no money and the people who run it are the most unserious in the world doing the most unserious things in the most serious manner, making the outcome funny. The performances in this series are as good comic performances as you will ever see. They don’t need sound effects. That’s it. That’s the thing about it. Finding moments from daily life to create humor. Take it from us, you do not want to miss this series. No way on Earth. Just go all in and have a riot

Tires Review

Will there be Tires Season 2?

If there is any surprise, Tires on Netflix has been renewed for a second season already before the show has even aired. Netflix has some smart people sitting in those offices, and they know that this is going to the top and everyone is going to love it to the core. We’ll be surprised if this does not have more than two seasons.


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