Trying is back on Apple TV+ with another season as Jason and Nikki continue their parenting struggles. The show is off to a fresh start as there is a 6-year time leap that introduces us to grown-up versions of Tyler and Princess, posing new challenges to the parent couple. However, the series still feels fresh and has its signature heartwarming moments. The new season premiered with two episodes which ended while leaving audiences with a few lingering questions. Here is Trying Season 4 Episodes 1 and 2 ending explained for our readers.

Trying Season 4 Episode 1 and 2 Ending: Who is Kat Reid?

The first episode ended with Princess finding a book in her grandmother’s car, which possessed the name Kat Reid. Kat Reid is the biological mother of her and Tyler. Since the beginning of the episode, there had been an underlying tension, especially with Nikki, that the kids’ biological mother might want to connect with them.

trying season 4 ending

Bev, the kids’ grandmother, who was against their adoption came around in the previous season finale when the couple ensured that she would always hold a place in the children’s lives. Now, six years later, Bev is shown to be dead and her funeral is arranged. At the same time, Nikki worries that Tyler and Princess’ mother might show up at the funeral, which would lead to unfavorable circumstances. When that does not happen, Nikki is relieved, however, Bev leaves a car for Princess as a part of her will. While checking out the car, Princess finds a book with the name Kat Reid, gets to know her mother’s full name, and is further intrigued by her.

Will Princess Find Her Biological Mother?

In episode 2, Princess reveals that she is already on the lookout for her biological mother. In a conversation with Nikki’s sister Karen, the teen tells her that she was only five when her mother left her and that she had visited various spots in London to find her. She added that she was really hoping that her mother would attend Bev’s funeral, and she would get to meet her, but destiny had other plans.

Princess’ pursuit of her mother is going to be the central theme in the new season, escalating problems for Nikki and Jason, who were finally living a happy life with their children six years after all the adoption struggles. Now that Princess also knows her mother’s name, she will probably search for Kat with even more dedication.

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